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Jun 07, 2017

Things about being a primary school teacher they never told you at uni

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You’ve studied for all your exams, you’ve got all the grades and you’ve finally landed your first grad job out of university as a teacher! Many people say they really learnt how to teach when they’re finally in their NQT year and are left to teach a class by themselves. Below we’ve listed out five things about being a primary teacher they never tell you at uni!

1. You are a hero

You might already feel like this from some of your family and friends, but you are about to become an actual superhero to the young people you’re going to teach. In their eyes, you have the answers to everything, you give sympathy when they’re hurt or upset and you open their eyes and minds up through learning to incredible new things. You class will become very loyal to you and blow you away with the engagement they give to your classes and the respect they show you.

2. Kids vs. adults

You might find the most challenging people in your job are not the young people you’re teaching, but the staff who are your colleagues. From defending your status as a new teacher, to compromising on break times, school trips and so on, you will have to collaborate and work with your colleagues to find the most productive way to work together for everyone involved.

3. One man’s junk

You will find new and wonderfully creative opportunities for everyday items you previously would’ve thrown away. From egg cartons as stamps, to old pen lids making beautiful art – suddenly a new creative world of art opportunities will open up to you, with your pupils bringing the most brilliant ideas to the table! You will also find you hoard all sorts of things, from craft items for school supplies to more pens and pencils than all the pupils in the world could use!

4. Routine

School is tiring, as much for you as the young people you’re teaching. Depending on the age group you teach, you will see throughout the school day or over the course of a term your pupil’s energy and concentration levels starting to wane. The quicker you can get your class into a routine, the quicker you’ll find stability and normality in the classroom, even as concentration levels begin to drop.

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