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Feb 09, 2024

Our RHINO SEN range has been awarded the Stationers' Warrant 2024!

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We are delighted to announce that our RHINO tinted paper range has been awarded the prestigious Stationers' Warrant! This joins our Flexiback Journal Notebook, which has held the warrant for three consecutive years so far. Whilst the Stationers' Company promotes excellence in the industry, the Stationers' Warrant, is a formal recognition awarded to companies that supply stationery of exceptional craftsmanship, quality, and service. This accolade underpins our commitment to excellence, as we continually strive to meet the highest criteria in our field. We are grateful for this honour and remain dedicated to delivering exceptional products.

At RHINO Stationery it's our mission to assist people of all ages to improve their learning and communications; books and pads are designed fit for purpose and meet the exacting requirements of quality and performance.

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RHINO’s SEN product development journey so far…

Our extensive research highlighted a clear need for educational tools catered specifically to students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). This inspired us to create a product line designed to support children from early years through to teens, and even adults in the workplace. We try to ensure our RHINO products go beyond traditional stationery, aiming to assist with learning, boost self-confidence, and alleviate visual stress. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with Meares-Irlen Syndrome (MIS), a condition often associated with dyslexia, and for those who struggle with the glare and visual distortions caused by white paper.

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As a result, the RHINO tinted product range was successfully launched with positive customer feedback.

“Such wonderful help for my dyslexic children... they find coloured paper much easer to use than overlays.” - Sarah Burchett

The range today includes refill pads and exercise books with robust and sturdy Manilla covers, consisting of pastel blue, yellow, pink, green and cream coloured ‘bleed-resistant’ 80gsm and matt finished educational standard paper. This specification of paper reduces the opacity from the reverse side of the page. It adds a preferred texture to work with for individuals with learning differences - offering the ability to control the pen more easily in comparison to a smooth finish.

Click here, to learn more about the RHINO tinted paper range and its benefits for individuals with learning differences.