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Jun 21, 2017

What does FSC paper mean for your school?

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The range of environmentally friendly paper available can seem quite overwhelming, with some 'recycled' papers not being quite what they appear. So why should you look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification on the paper and stationery supplies you purchase for your school?

You're helping to make your school more sustainable

FSC is the only paper certification that has been endorsed by the Woodland Trust, the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace because of its proactive work in responsibly managing forests. Wood from an FSC forest must be grown, managed and harvested in a way that is good for the environment. By buying paper that carries the FSC logo, your school is demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment.

You're supporting education

When you buy FSC paper you're supporting the Forest Stewardship Council's work with indigenous peoples to protect their livelihoods and living conditions. In an FSC forest, the workforce must be composed of properly trained local people and there must be excellent community support, including schools. Why not use FSC paper as an opportunity to explore the lives of indigenous children and to make links between your school and theirs?

You're fighting climate change

The FSC are committed to prohibiting poor forestry management practice like forest degradation, illegal logging and deforestation which can all contribute to climate change. By choosing FSC paper for use in your school you'll not only be protecting the environment but guaranteeing the future of FSC forests for years to come.

You'll always know where your paper comes from

The FSC tree logo means that the paper you're buying has been tracked and inspected right through the supply chain. So from the forest to our website, every link in the chain has been certified to make sure it complies with strict FSC guidelines on sustainability and the protection of flora, fauna and indigenous peoples. By supporting FSC you'll be making a positive impact on the forests of the world. At Rhino Stationery, we carry a wide range of FSC registered papers, so choose the environment and education next time you shop for school supplies.

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