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Jul 17, 2017

What teachers really do over the summer holidays!

Summer time - Rhino Stationery

The long summer holidays have finally arrived and school’s out! But what do teachers really get up to during the summer break?

Rest and recuperation

Of course, teachers deserve a little ‘R&R’! However, even while Miss and Sir are relaxing on the beach you can be sure they will be thinking about preparing for the new term. After all, although their pupils are free to spend the whole summer enjoying themselves, teachers will be working for part of the time.

Stocking up on supplies of stationery

Teachers of kids of all ages will have some prep to do for the new term. In addition to drawing up lesson plans, preparation also involves ordering the stationery that will be needed for their new classes. This school stationery might include exercise books for kids, pens and pencils, coloured pencils and paper.

Teachers of younger children often choose a theme for their classroom and busy themselves ordering suitable stationery items with which to create the theme. In addition, some teachers make things for the classroom, such as bulletin board pictures, student folders, and scrap books, etc.

Art teachers have lots to do in order to prepare for the new term. One job that must be done is to prepare an inventory of stock and order replacement paints, paper, and pastels, plus much more.

Teacher’s own stationery supplies

In addition to ensuring that their pupils have everything they need to start work when they return to school after the summer break, teachers must give consideration to their own personal supplies. It’s important they have a good supply of pens, notebooks and specialist items such as music books. A stock of gold and silver stars is also essential for those who teach younger pupils. Plastic folders are useful for storing loose sheets of paper and cuttings that may be useful during lessons.

Preparing for next term’s classes

When it comes to preparing lesson plans, it’s important to be organised. Indexed files are useful for keeping lesson material tidy and can also ensure that nothing is omitted from the new term’s curriculum.

Teachers can often save themselves time in the hectic school term by keeping alert over the summer holiday to examples of their subject matter that can be used in lessons, such as while visiting cultural sites, browsing the news or otherwise trying to relax on holiday! This could be examples from museums and galleries, a piece of music played on the radio or a poem that will inspire the class.

Preparation is key to success

Although teachers might dream of spending six whole weeks sunbathing on a tropical beach, the reality is that much of their time will be spent at least thinking about next term’s activities and ordering supplies to ensure they're well prepared for the next school year ahead.

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