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Jul 10, 2017

What’s the most memorable thing you learned in primary school this year?

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“What’s the most memorable thing you learned in primary school this year?” This is an interesting question that many primary school teachers may ask their pupils as well as themselves as the summer holidays approach.

Why should you ask this question?

Asking what you or your pupils learned is a great way to end the school year and help children reflect on how education impacts their self-development. It can also help recall otherwise forgotten topics to pupils as they scan their exercise books for examples, meaning you can use this time to refresh knowledge imparted or clear up anything pupils didn't quite understand at the time. Don't forget that your teaching career is also a learning curve, and if you can discover what motivates and sticks with your pupils, you can take this forward into successive years.

Learning can be fun!

One lesson which is hard to dispute is that primary school children learn best if they are enjoying themselves. In fact, a government study found that levels of pupil engagement increase when a child finds enjoyment in school; a happy primary school experience can even set children up for increased motivation later in their school life.

Through the imaginative use of school stationery and multi-coloured pens and pencils, children can learn to create attractive drawings for fun, and they can also be used to draw maps and other more advanced projects to complement their education.

Looking back through their work, it can be truly memorable to see how some of your more reluctant students have blossomed as the year has progressed.

Quality stationery can encourage quality work

Something else you might have noticed is that children usually enjoy starting a brand-new exercise book. The crisp, blank pages just cry out to be filled with the child’s neatest handwriting and best work, ready to be embellished with gold stars and ticks by their teachers. This experience can be further encouraged by providing kids with really good quality pens and pencils to help mark their progression to more advanced tools and encourage a heightened sense of self-esteem.

Younger children who are just starting primary school can learn how to get creative by compiling scrap books of learning materials as encouraged and directed by their teachers. Creative kids can also have fun making birthday cards, Christmas cards, Mother’s day and Father’s day cards. Some of the creations made by kids can go on to be used as part of school exhibitions for open days too.

What did you learn?

So, it could be that the most memorable thing learned by primary school teachers during the last school year is how the use of good, old-fashioned school stationery can benefit every pupil, from the youngest early learners to older kids who are beginning to explore their creative side.

To have a look at the whole range of school stationery available in good time for next year, why not peruse our website or have a chat with one of our helpful staff for more information and ideas.

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