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Jul 10, 2015

Why creativity is so important

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In today's gadget driven society, it's easy to forget the importance of creativity. The minute our children toddle off to preschool they seem to be continually tested and assessed. Self expression can benefit children in so many ways, both physically and emotionally, and keeping your classroom stocked with pens and pencils and craft supplies means that when the kids want to get arty you are ready at the drop of a hat. You'll definitely want to have these supplies ready, because when children initiate their own creative learning, something wonderful happens.

Cognitive development

Children love asking questions about anything and everything. A well stocked art cupboard gives them the opportunity to experiment with colour, form and texture.

We all remember that pivotal moment we mixed every colour in the paint box, only to discover that instead of a glorious rainbow it just created various shades of brown. Translating life and experience, real or imaginary, into something a child can see and touch is of huge developmental value.

Physical development

Creating a work of art not only requires imagination, it calls for considerable hand-eye coordination. Tiny fingers need to learn how much pressure is needed to pick up and hold a crayon without snapping it in half. Learning how to build structures and objects out of recycled packaging is how many an architect started their career. Children really enjoy cutting paper and then sticking things together with glue, and the messier the better.

Emotional development

Children like nothing more at the end of the day than proudly showing off what they made at school. Self esteem is crucial for a child's well being, and creativity also helps express anger, joy or sadness in a way that is not always easy or possible in words. Dyslexic children and those with complex emotional and educational needs benefit greatly from art, giving them a greater sense of who they are and how they feel about their place in the world and others around them. As they become absorbed in their work, slowly but surely their concentration improves. The most important thing to remember is that art is fun, and it makes children happy.

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