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Oct 10, 2017

How to manage teacher stress

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Whilst plenty of occupations are stressful, teaching can be exceptionally hard and it's thought that 80% of teachers complain about being stressed at work. If ignored, stress can cause deeper and more serious issues, so it's important to recognise the warning signs of stress and take care of them when they appear. Here are a few tips to help you deal with some of the daily stresses you may face as a teacher.

Identify the causes

Before you can start working to relieve stress, you'll need to know what the causes are. It could stem from increased pressure, a particularly difficult class, or even personal problems. Once you've discovered the causes of your stress, you should divide them into two sections. Problems over which you have control, and problems you don't have any control over. Analyse the parts you can control and you will start to find a solution to some of your stress.


As a teacher, you probably have access to countless exercise books and school supplies. Our advice is to use them if you're feeling stressed. A great stressbuster is to start making a list. Begin your day by setting out some achievable goals. Once you complete them, check them off your list. Adding organisation to your day with a list will help you realise just how much you can actually get done and give you a sense of accomplishment. Stress can build up if you feel you have too much work to complete, but lists can cut through that and allow you to prioritise certain tasks and lessen your workload.

Knowing when to say no

There are always plenty of extracurricular activities you'll be asked to take part in. From school trips to after-school classes, a teacher's job is seemingly never done. Whilst it can be relaxing and rewarding to help out occasionally, you should always be comfortable saying no if you feel like you're becoming burnt out. Knowing your limits can help alleviate stress, and you shouldn't be worried about your job prospects if you politely decline to help every now and then.

Being thoroughly prepared for every lesson is another way to beat stress at work and that involves having enough supplies. Our selection of high-quality school stationery and supplies will make sure you're always well stocked.

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