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Mar 29, 2017

Tips for teaching left-handed children to write!

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Learning to write neatly using cursive script can be a challenge for kids when they begin ‘big’ school, and this can be especially tricky for lefthanders. Here are some helpful tips for lefties on how to master that perfect pen technique.

Hand position

There are several different left-handed positions that can be used, depending on personal preference:

The underarm position is where the writer's hand rests under the writing line. This position means that all the letter strokes run in the same direction, making it the easiest option for beginners.

The hook position is where the writer holds the pen to form each letter from above the line on the page, with the hand making a ‘hook’ shape. Although this is quite comfortable, all your ‘pull’ strokes will become ‘push’ strokes, meaning that the ease and flow of the handwriting could be compromised.

The writing line placed at 900 to horizontal allows the arm to move more freely, making life easier for left-handed writers. Although this might seem easy at first, it can be tricky to judge the degree of letter slope because you’re writing from the top of the line to the bottom, instead of from the left to the right.

Techniques for left-handers

Allow the arm to move freely from the shoulder to prevent the elbow from becoming cramped and tight. Some people find that practising writing with a felt-tipped pen will help the writer get the hang of this technique. The steeper the pen angle, the more the hand is required to turn, so it is often easier to turn the hand back towards the left until the wrist becomes more flexible.

It’s a good idea to obtain some different pens and one of our Rhino exercise books so that your child can practise perfecting their cursive script technique before they actually begin senior school.

In conclusion

Learning to write cursive script can be challenging for youngsters. Use the tips given above to help your child as they learn, and ask us at Rhino stationery for more details on the many different pen nibs that are available to try.

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