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Jul 25, 2017

Top 5 Activities for Teachers this summer

Summer activites - Rhino Stationery

As kids all across the country break for the long awaited summer holidays, it’s time for teachers to take that huge sigh of relief. You’ve made it. However, work is probably never far from your mind, so we’ve pulled together five of our top activities for teachers this summer.

1. Think about the past year

Yes, you may be skipping out of the classroom at the thought of no work for weeks on end, but now is also the perfect time to reflect. Reflect on your successes and achievements as well as some areas where lessons can be learned and changes can be put in place for the new school term.

2. Work together

Get together with other colleagues throughout the summer. Not only is it good to talk, but it helps with planning. Make sure you take your scrap book of ideas or even start a scrap book of ideas for the new term).

3. Get organised!

Think about your lesson plans, as well as homework schedules, craft plans and activity outlines. Keep it simple. Make sure when it comes to things like homework, these can be photocopied, or welcome letters can be duplicated. Make sure that you also have a good supply of printer paper in order to do all of this!

4. Stay on top

Keep abreast of changes in any curriculum or lesson plans. What’s going on in the wider world could affect some of the things you bring into the classroom. It also helps you to continually develop yourself - always keep on top of developments and always look to better yourself to keep the classroom learning up-to-date.

5. Make a list!

What is it that your classroom and your planning will require? Books for the kids, pens and pencils, scrap books etc? Make a list so not only will you not forget but you can also hit the summer stationery sales.

The summer is a great time for teachers to relax and hopefully our points will help make the transition into the new term less stressful and more organised than ever!

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