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Aug 09, 2017

Which Rhino notebook for which subject?

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It may be the summer holidays, but it’s never too early to prepare for the new term. With some clever planning and the right tools, you’ll be off to a flying start in September. One essential task is getting school supplies. Subject specific books for kids are the perfect tool to keep everyone on task. To get started, we’ve picked the ideal Rhino book for each key subject. Having the right kit for your students lets you focus on the important job of teaching. One more job ticked off your list!

Detail is everything in science lessons. The Rhino Toughback Science Book is ideal for note taking in and out of the classroom. Lined and graph paper in A4 give plenty of space for ideas to be expressed in words, formulas and diagrams. A wipe clean rigid cover makes it perfect for outdoor work. Time to plan a field trip!


Keep it simple with squared exercise books for maths lessons. Available in packs of 10, the Rhino A4 Exercise Book has a sturdy Manila cover. High-quality 75gsm paper means both sides can be used, with 32 pages leaving space for working out and notes.


Spelling, grammar, handwriting, reading – there’s so much to cover in English lessons. Keep it simple with a Rhino notebook. Journal notebooks are ideal for important notes and come in a range of bright board covers. As with all our Rhino brand products, every purchase you make helps the Save the Rhino Charity.


Nurturing talent in your class means having the right equipment. Music exercise books combine ruled lines with 6 stave music sheets, giving kids everything they need to begin transposing and even composing their own masterpiece.


Everyone learns in diverse ways and using drawing and sketching can be crucial to expression. Let your class loose with creativity by choosing a Rhino Artists Pad. Wire bound and in A4, this is the best way to see your class shine. Add some colourful pens and pencils and who knows what they will create!

Over Printing Exercise books

Now that you know which Rhino exercise books are perfect for different subjects, why not go that step further and get your school logo printed on them.

Customised Teacher Notebooks

For the final touch in the classroom get your own customised teacher or school notebook! Rhino Stationery is teaming up with My Own Stationery to offer a 20% discount online. My Own Stationery offer customised A4, A5, A6 notebooks and refill pads, allowing full customisation on the front and back covers.

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