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Jan 29, 2018

Teachers keep yourself happy and well

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Winter is nearing an end, days are getting longer and the car journey home is a little brighter.After a tumultuous day at school, you can almost feel the sun's ray's as you leave your stuffy classroom. The sniffles may be keeping your mood down and the future looking bleak, but never fear... To make sure you are fresh as a daisy as the winter draws to an end we have come up with a few helpful hints to keep your mind happy and your body intact.

Make a wish list for the summer

Whether it is a list of places you'd like to visit, books you'd like to read once all the marking has subsided or a list of your favourite films. Pick up your notepad, pen and pencils, and start scribbling. It will help you through winter's woes and keep you positive. Making plans for future activities is known to increase your outlook and also give you something to look forward to.

Go for a nice walk

Walking is a great way to relieve feelings of stress whilst getting yourself in shape. When you are a teacher you spend a lot of time helping others that you forget to help yourself. The National Trust has a range of great walks that have been specially mapped out to give great views and to show you places that you may not have known existed.

Give your cupboard a spring clean

Don't wait until spring, you have to wait until April to dust out those cupboards. Throw out those old files, dirty teacups and confiscated items from pupils and fill up your cupboard with new office supplies, school exercise books. The organised space will help calm your mind, and I don't know one teacher who doesn't love to sort and label anything and everything.

New is always better, whether it is a new outlook or a new pen. There isn’t time to be letting the back end of winter ruin your summer. Make plans, make space and make memories with new ideas to keep you and the students happy and hungry for more learning.

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